We are a people proclaiming the good news that Jesus is King by loving God and loving Bridgeport.
As we seek to pursue this vision by God’s help, our DNA is gospel, community, and mission.

The gospel is the good news for the world that Jesus lived, died, resurrected and ascended, and that he is returning. We seek to proclaim this good news and to see it bring reconciliation.


God has adopted us into a radical community living out the implications of the gospel in our life together, as we seek to be an embassy that anticipates the full coming of the Kingdom of God.  We long to learn from and serve alongside neighbors for the common good of Bridgeport.


The gospel calls this community to mission, extending the presence and reign of King Jesus into the world, proclaiming and exemplifying the reality of this Kingdom and its hope for our neighbors and world. We invite people to encounter the healing power of Jesus in the gospel of God’s actions and the community of God’s people.


    These are our community practices:

    • Story- Tell and be formed by stories of Jesus’ work, then and now.
    • Proximity- Live close to one another, especially those on the margins.
    • Presence- Be present together in public spaces. Listen and love.
    • Common table- Eat with others, as hosts and guests, including communion.
    • Interdependence- Meet one another’s needs with generosity and dignity.
    • Gifting- Name and release one another’s gifts.
    • Prayer- Listen for God’s voice and seek God’s healing.
    • Justice- Speak and act for the shalom and reconciliation of Bridgeport and beyond.


    Rev. Nate and Sarah Beasley

    Overseeing Pastor

    Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Nate and Sarah met as students at the University of  Illinois. They both personally have experienced the joy of being with Jesus and are passionate about extending his table to others. They are pastoring a group of Cornerstone congregations that includes Cornerstone Bridgeport. The best way you can bless them is by coming over for dinner and eating a lot of food. They have toddler twins, Joshua and Eliana and they currently love taking walks as a family through the city.

    Zach and Karen Savella Stallard

    Location Pastor

    Zach and Karen met serving together at the Cornerstone congregation at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Now Zach is the Location Pastor for Cornerstone Bridgeport. They love living in Bridgeport and look forward to many years in the neighborhood. They are asking God to raise up a beautiful community of Jesus-following, neighbor-loving Kingdom ambassadors to participate in God’s ongoing work of bringing the Kingdom of God in Bridgeport.

    Vision Team

    • Mimi Guiracocha Bloomer
    • Josh Grile
    • Karen Savella Stallard
    • Zach Savella Stallard


    • Altar: Taylor Yangas
    • Communication: Taylor Yangas
    • College: Josh Grile
    • Music: Karen Savella Stallard
    • Prayer: Cody Yarbrough
    • Tech: Tomike Adeyemi
    • Treasurer: Josh Grile
    • Welcome: Hannah Werner
    • Lay Evangelist: Nicky Smit